Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015

New project started

Hello everybody,

since the release of my last movie a break was necessary. I worked close the whole year about the four movies without a pause. Now it is time to get back to work again. This time the research is much bigger than in any other movie before. And it will take time until it is done. Give me three months and 2016. Then we will see. Planed are another four movies.

So, be patient and may the Force be with you.


Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Where the Horizon widens

Hello everyone.

Now this is the fourth time I write something about the latest movie. And for the year 2015 it will be the last movie I do. The next one will be impossible to finish in 2015. But right now we stand here and I want present you my current work.

Where the Horizon widens.

The Idea:

The movie had the idea to show basic couples with a man and a woman and beyond these definition. How many of them do you know in SL? Man, woman, shemales, hermaphrodites are only the "genders". How many variations of them are possible as a couple? Many!

I wanted to show how these people are living together, sharing their lifes, enjoying love and sex. Everyday life, just like real life. So for me it was clear that I had to present five kinds of couples that are: heterosexual, homosexual like lesbian and gay people, transgender (like Ravi is) and polyamory people. That means the movie will be told in independent episodes and find its end in a final round.

There is another thing about the idea to tell. Once I saw some movies of Erin Cedarbridge I was fascinated of her style and the method she brings a theme to a point in a very short time. This was awesome. Let me give you just the hint of the straw. You know what I mean? Movies like she does inspired me to this movie.

The concept:

Because the idea was quite simple a story was not necessary. Showing a passage of their lifes and sex sequences is enough. But at the same time it was interessting to show different sights of everyday life. It was clear that every episode should show something else than the others before. Otherwise it would be boring to the watcher. So variations become very important to the concept.
I must admit that with the gay couple there was not really a everyday life to see. But the lighthouse was not really an apartment to live in.

Sex scenes:

Like the tiny story elements in the normal-sequences the sex scenes should be not the common porn thing. Some rare times more porn but most time less. I hope. My most desire with the sex sequences was to make them fit with the complete episode. That means, let them show like real couples that love and respect each other. Let them make love not fuck. I wanted to show that there are not genders that have sex but people. When people have sex it is not important to which gender they belong.

Music & Sounds:

In one commentary of a movie from Sergio Leone there was told that the music and the sound effects make 40 - 50% of the movie. Maybe more. Everybody that knows Ennio Morricone's work can only admit this.

Pictures are a good tool what you want to show and in which direction the watcher should be affected. But there is much space to interpret. The music and sounds are an excellent tools to focus the imagination of the watcher up to a special direction. Pictures create an area. Music highlight spots inside this area.
All songs should create a harmonic feeling. They have the task to say: look, no need to be frightend, nothing bad. Relax, it is ok. Look in the faces. It is love.

In Onyx Blaze I had different sound effects and in WtHW I could experiment with more of them. It was very exciting to design such moments like in a big city or a countryside. Even sex moans are sound effects and can be used in many ways. In future I will make more of such effects. Do you remember the opening sequence in "Once Upon a Time in the West"? Three killers are waiting for the arrival of Charles Bronson. Think about the sounds. The sounds became to music.

Shooting at home:

To show couples in everyday life makes it necessary to have the appropriate homes. While I was recruiting the people for the roles many of them was more than happy to help me and allow the shooting at their apartments. I was touched of all this commitment and proud to show a little of their beautiful houses how they look like.

Every home has it's own character and possibilities to present them. It was so easy. I checked poses and the ideas just flow. Nice kind of working.


At the beginning of the movie I thought, it will take no longer than 2 months. Probably just one. Well ... 2 months and 3 weeks. While Onyx Blaze had ten people WtHW has fourteen. It need time to make all terms for shooting. But more important is, I had the possibility to put some people in it that are not very often in movies. And to see how they will make it. And it was exciting to see how fast unexperienced people learn from the older one.

Adjustment at poseballs? Most time I only checked how it looks like. Sometimes I give advices from which angle I will shoot and what parts won't be shown. All people know how to adjust, how it looks well and what is to do.

I have to thank everyone of my crew. They made wonderful work!

Heterosexual couple

Iris Okiddo:
Iris is a great photographer. Her pictures are amazing. We know each other for a while. And I can tell you, that she is such a sweetheart. I love her. It was not the first time that I ask her to take a role in my work. But she had good reasons not to participate. It was ok to me. After a while she let me know that she is curious and maybe ... I said to her, that I have the perfect role to her with a perfect partner. Talisker. After I told her what I have in mind she can't wait the shooting. Welcome my friend.

Talisker Braveheart:
One of the best characteristic avatars is Talisker Braveheart. His extraordinary looking is amazing and I thought for a long time to take him in my movies. But where? Here I got the perfect part. Together with Iris I had a wonderful team to this sequence. I learned Talisker as a smart, quite and intelligent man. It is good to know him.

Lesbian couple

Katina Cazalet:
I assume that Kat is known of the most of us in the porn industry. She is a writer of Sexiest: Pornstars blog, a photographer, model and a very funny person. She knows the who is who of this business and how it works. And of course she is much more skilled than it appears. When I was looking for people to this movie her name was the first or second at my list. I wanted her, no matter what it takes. And thank god she agreed. The shooting with her was wonderful, it doesn't feel like work more like a dance.

Melanie Oryl:
Oh yes, Mels! This is a crazy and wild one! *smiles* But somehow I like her. Can't remember when I saw her for the first time. In the chat or at a porn party. I think it has something to do with Zuby. Anyway. When I saw her at pictures and porn parties it was clear that she would be a very good partner for Katina. The only thing ... would she hide her cock and appear as a woman instead of a shemale? She did. And I must say, Mels surprised me with her performance. She act professional and this impress me. Very nice.

Homosexual couple

Crow Mistwalker:
Crow molests and gropes everyone in the chat. Sound it familiar to you? Good! He and Rachel are quite long in the business. Crow is often active in the chat and at porn parties. I knew the gay couple would be difficult to find. But I had an idea and told him about the role. It was comfortable to him! One problem less. Together with Rachel, his partner, it was an easy and good shooting.

Rachel Swallows:
I know her from the beginning when I start in SL porn. Not personal but from the chat. She and me were together in a movie as a couple in another porn movie. But only as guests in a restaurant. The guy in front of me at the table was Robin Rondini. Never heard of him. But it seemed that he was known by everyone else. So I asked him. And now you can imagine my surprise when he said that he is Rachel Swallows! From this time we had a little running gag with a tag called: "I am Rachel Swallows". This was fun! Haha.
So I knew she had a male avatar and asked her if she could play Robin in a gay sequence. Well, you can see the result in the movie. I am very grateful that Rachel and Crow made this part without hesitation. And they made it very well.

Transgender couple

Erika Thorkveld:
Yes. It's her. Erika. I love her. I admire her. She is an inspiration. While shooting Onyx Blaze Erika impressed me very deep. She doesn't choose clothes, she makes a concept of everything. In the original script there was an other transgender planed. But plans change. When I ask Erika if she could help me out, she answered: don't know what is this role about but I do it! And again it was a delicious pleasure to work with her. To me Erika is one of the best talents in this business. Besides I was happy to have a shemale and a hermaphrodite. Both are transgenders but also different. I think this theme deserves a movie on it's own.

As far as I know Phoenix is new in the porn industry. And as mentioned before I needed transgender people to this couple. Phoenix was the next choice. We had a long shooting and it was separated to two days. It must be a surprise to her that I need so long. But this is like I work. But she get a good insight of movie making. Erika helps me very much to guide Phoenix and tell her how all this works. And Phoenix learn fast. The second day of the shooting she acts much more confident.


Yana Grau:
It was a pleasure to me to have Yana again in another one of my projects. It feels familiar and it is a good feeling. Interesting is, that while we were shooting the final act should happen at Club Erotique. But maybe as you realize, things has changed. So we made it at Club Yana. Lucky me to know the owner *giggles*. But don't think it was an easy work to Yana to make the club looking so well. It needs a lot of work and patience. So I am very grateful to Yana that we could shoot it there. And dance all night long!

Mirko Panacek:
Mirko is a quite guy. Not a man of many words. But you can count on him if you need an actor. He is often at porn parties. That's why I know him. Saw him very often and I needed exactly how he look. But this is not the end. He is a dress designer. That means he knows something about avatars and how them put into the right light. Don't underestimate him. He knows what he do.

Zuby Gloom Oryl:
She is one of the rare one I love. And a woman that makes sometimes big changes with her avatar. So big that after we make the shot and the movie is released Zuby looks completely different that in the film. This is art of it's own. She has the courage to make changes I would not. This is one of her strengths. She is flexible, can take different roles and avatars. And of course knows many about adjustment, building houses and other helpful stuf. A competent actress. That's what I need.

Leannan Wolfgang:
Oh well ... is there someone who don't know her? Her kind of humor is legendary and she is very helpful. In so much ways. I was looking for a woman to make the records for Ravi's voice. Leannan was one of two people that ask at once what I need. After the discussion about all details I thought ... how about take her and her SL husband James in the movie. They would fit perfectly! And so it was. I get not only the voice records but complete the polyamory team. *sigh* Life can be easy sometimes.

James Wolfgang:
The big guy behind the big woman. James is the husband of Leannan. Hmm maybe you know that already. He is a director as well and so it was nice to work with him because I didn't need to worry about him. He knows all this. It was a fine chance to work at their house. Shooting a five-some is something special. Last time I make something in "La Dolce Vita" with four people. I like this challenge not to forget someone, make everyone good looking and play with the camera around them. James has a nice size and he is black. He is the only one black human I had in my movies. And it was a need to me to put him in the movie. I hoped to get an asien girl but the time was too less. 


Movie Studio 13 is a program with special issues. Not every mp4 format is accepted. Scenes with low FPS became black at the final product. Older timeslines can't be read again. This can be ... never mind. But with a converter I could solve most issues that made trouble. In time you learn more and more about Movie Studio 13. Now a new patch is released and I will check it if I can make things better.

Visual Style:

In three sequences I change or enhance the visual look. At the heterosexual part I make all scenes bright with radiant colors. It has to increase the connection among Iris and Talisker. The balance and spirituality between them. That's why I avoid to show common sex poses and make the camera very smooth in it's moves. So it became sensual and soft. When lovers handle very carefully with each other.

The lesbian part start with no visual effects. But when it goes to the shower it changes the look to a more rough and untamed nature. In this case I can't tell you, why I had this done. It feels right to me. Katina was masturbating on the couch before Mels take a shower. I thought, it is such a natural thing to masturbate while the partner is some meters away. And so beautiful. So she is horny and wants to have fun. And for Mels it seems nothing to care when her partner comes in the bathroom with naughty thoughts.

In contrast the gay couple I let the visual look like it was and didn't put any visual effects. It should stay peaceful and like a dream. I didn't want to show a raw fuck between man. No, the opposite. Even man can have feelings. Crazy world.

The last sequence with visual effects is the transgender couple. When I was editing it the records appear too blurry to me. And the loud sounds of a big city seemed not to fit. I tried some effects and after minutes I found out that it would be best to sharpen all the scenes. Transgender are not a blurry image. They are real and live upon us in Second Life. I always wanted to show that transgenders are not fuck dolls or always horny. It was my main concern in this part to show them like every human. Sensitive, seeking for love and harmony. It was the only one time where Ravi take an active part when they were dancing. Maybe it is only my imagination, but I also wanted to show, that to be naked between transgenders is a full natural thing. So is having sex. That's why she sit close to Erika and Phoenix while they had pleasure. To make all the scenes sharp has to focus the watcher how clear transgender see their own body. That they accept and enjoy it all what they are. There are no genders, only human beings.

Guitar scenes:

The little part at the end of the movie is the last of the guitar scenes I had in every movie. This is a little story on it's own. Someday I will reveal what is all about. It is not necessary to know but it makes fun to tell it with every new film. In further projects I make something different.

For me it was an interesting experience to be only a narrator. Not to have an active role in it, except the little dance with Erika and Phoenix. I couldn't resist it! The role of a storyteller gives me the freedom I need to make the episodes happen. And in further projects I will have similar roles. But this is another story.

Let me invite you to "Where the Horizon widens".
I hope you enjoy.


Where the Horizon widens powered XTube

Sonntag, 9. August 2015

About the potential of movie making in SL

Hello everybody.

There is a need in me to talk about the potential of movie making in our world Second Life. Creating Onyx Blaze I put all my earned ideas and techniques in filming and editing to achieve one thing: tell a cinematic story.

At the same time you are confronted all the time with the limitations of SL. That means there are not such animations you need. Something simple like: opening a door or pick up a cup of coffee. Movie making is a craftsmanship. This need research, experimentation and conversations with other people. A conversation can give you a hint, this leads to research and experiments and again to new conversations.
This reveals new possibilities and solutions for a problem. When I start to plan and even to shoot a movie there are often parts where I don't know a solution for. But most time I have a clue how to do it. This is a challenge.

This kind of working gives me the idea of how much potential SL has. When I start shoot my very first movie I worked with the mouse to move around my Avatar. Today I know more options. If we extrapolate this, how much options could be enable?
Most functions has shortcuts. Shortcuts I can use while a shooting without using a chat or menu. Camera movements with the keyboard and camera tools. Combining smoothing and zooms. Flycam with its degrees of freedom. And the functions of the editor program of course. All these things are tools you can use when you need them and combine together.

When Erika Thorkveld released her movie "The Black Boots" I get a view of the potential. An animated hand that cares over a leg or grab a vibrator. A wax dripping candle with wax dots on skin. Playing with lights and shadows.

Most times we are working with only a small amount of the potential. For many shots it is enough. But for some rare moments and only for few seconds you can discover an visual effect which shows what is possible. These moments are short but they leave an intense impression and the question: How has she made it?!

Usually these effects need very much time and work. But it is worth it to show something new. Something that make your horizon wider.


Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

Onyx Blaze

Hello everyone.

It's been a while since I wrote last time on this blog. But now it is the right time to introduce my current movie:

Onyx Blaze

Shot in Second Life on several sims. Filled with beautiful actress and actors awaits you to watch. I hope you enjoy it.
Hmm this sounds very ceremonial! Don't you think?

What is the story about:

The woman Onyx spent a night with a new lover, Zuby. When she came home she told everything her wife Crystal, a hermaphrodite. They live in an open relationship and enjoy their lifes of freedom. But unforeseen Crystal became very jealous. After a dispute Crystal leaves Onyx. Both woman fall in confusion and adventures of pleasure and pain.

The Characters:

Onyx Blaze is a sequel to Crystals Facets. Even when La Dolce Vita was the second movie. So there are some analogies of CF and Onyx Blaze. Like the jobs of Crystal and Onyx. How they create their life and the importance of freedom to both. From the beginning it was my plan not only to produce a single movie with a single story. The idea behind every film is to tell more what happen. To develop different storylines, put some together, seperate them. In other words, make it deeper. Awake the roles to life.

Already in the first movie I had the idea not to play ourselfs as Urmeli and Ravi but to create fiction characters: Onyx and Crystal. I knew it was a necessity to do this step and to seperate our Avatars from the movie characters. With that it would be possible to create any idea of each character. Much more than Urmeli and me could do it with our Avis.
But I must admit, that Onyx and Crystal are nothing else then our Avatars and somehow like we are in RL as well.

View of sight:

In Akira Kurosawas film "The hidden Fortress" the story was shown through the eyes of two peasants. While a Samurai is trying to rescue a princess and a treasure. George Lucas saw this movie and adapt it to his Star Wars Saga in A new hope. The Samurai was Han and Luke. The princess stay the princess and the peasants are R2-D2 (who carry the data of the deathstar, treasure) and C-3PO, of course.
What impress me most was the fact, that in Star Wars in the first 20 minutes the story was shown through the eyes of the Droids (peasants).

In an early phase of the script I had the idea, it would be best to show the movie from the sight of Onyx and not from Crystal. It should be more a story about Urmeli. That means that Urmelis role must be more active than Ravis. And that when Ravi was shown with other actress like Marika and Erika it will be necessary to put both woman into the foreground and Ravi more to the background.

It was exciting to realize it. I hope that it worked.


Like in both movies before I learn in this one many about filming and using the camera. But the greatest challenge was to edit the scenes as much short as it is possible and to get the best result of telling the story. It was necessary to cut all scenes to the essence what they tell. Otherwise it would be never possible to stay under one gigabyte of filesize. And it was close, very close.
On the other hand I know from now how long I can create a movie without loosing quality. That applies to the credits too.


Someone told me, I could do a music video, because of all the music inside. Well, one step at once. In my movies I use no speach for now. It is not my style. Subtitles are all right, but discreet. Visual effects, sounds and music are not only fillers on the timeline. They are even not tools to work with. They are jigsaw pieces. Editing the video tracks and see them is one thing. But if you put visual effects, sounds, music and more in it, then the pictures awake to life. This is very excited. I communicate with the watcher with all these pieces. It is not for everyone. I know. But it is my style to be in a dialogue with the watcher.

One thing I learn in a process while producing it. I realize that it is better NOT to keep as much as possible secret about the movie while working with people. It is the opposite. It is far better to tell them as much informations about the film, story other characters and their role as I can. Give them what they need, want and much more. Because then the actors can see the entire project. And then they can do a better job. Share trust and both will be enriched.

The Crew:

I had an insane luck with my crew. Again! Everyone gives the very best to make it happen. The support was remarkable from everybody. So I have the challenge to present their hard work as well as I can.

Urmeli Ellisson:
Urmeli and me develop the movie together since the script. She was surprised of my idea to show the picture from her sight. And this was helpful. She gave me ideas about Onyx and how she would like see her in the movie. This had many influences on further actions. And Urmeli was always open to hear my ideas what to include, change or delete.

Erika Thorkveld:
In SL I knew Erika before. Knew her work on Flickr and that she is a hermaphrodite like me. One of the rare I know in SL. The sequence with her was close to the end but the work was so valueable and inspiring with her. I was very impressed how kind and funny she is. Erika was for me like Yana in LDV. Her skills and knowledge made it often very easy to me to shoot our scenes.

Zuby Gloom Oryl:
Yes, Zuby. She is a sweetheart, so gentle, so kind. The sequence with her was shot while we were still working on La Dolce Vita. So Zuby waits about four months to see how it looks like. Also she allow us to work at her home. What was fabulous. My believe is that a selfmade home is always much better than a set that simulate a home.

Graham Collinson:
Graham is a well know photographer in SL. I asked Graham if he wants to be a part of my crew. And if I could use his photo studio. Otherwise I would build myself one. But he is easy going and show me his studio. Well, he knows his craft! The studio was better than I imagine and we had a lot of fun while shooting.

Marika Blaisdale:
Having Marika in my movie again was special to me. In Crystals Facets she helped me without any questions or something. I kept this in mind and wanted to give her a better role. This time it was a good opportunity. Besides she helped me a lot with sharing her experiences as director as well. So I was happy to give something back.

Sandra Palletier:
Collecting names for the BDSM sequence Sandra Palletier was on the first rank. Her work on Flickr I know already. The suits and compositions in her pictures are very interesting. From an interview in the Aroused Magazine No 18 I knew, that Sandra is familiar with BDSM in RL. So she became not only an actress but an adviser in BDSM questions. Because I don't know much about it.

Melany Herrera:
I know Melany since I started in SL porn and made my own Flickr. Her work and the work of some other artists attend me till this day. I was very lucky to pose to her several times. I learn a lot from her photography. So I was very eager to invite her to work with me. It is only a small role that I could give to her. But this will be not the only one.

Yana Grau:
The chat was something like this: "Yana, I would like to have you in a single sex scene. What do you say?". Yana answered: "Ok.". Working with Yana ist so nice, easy and funny. This one sex scene reminds our last movie La Dolce Vita. It was very excited. Yana allow us to film at her dungeon the BDSM sequence. A wonderful place!

Larry Vinaver:
Larry is very easy going. Always good-humored and very helpful. No matter what you need or look for. A tiny non-porn scene? No problem! A pleasure to work with. He fit in many roles and is well known in the porn industry. Why put a role of a concierge in a movie? Because such small roles makes everything more plausible and create the illusion of an existing world.

I am so grateful to have you in my crew and say thank you to all of you! The work of everyone of you make the vision of this movie happen. I love you all.

It is time to present our work.

Onyx Blaze

Onyx Blaze powered by XTube

I hope you enjoy.


Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

La Dolce Vita

Hello everybody.

My second movie is finally done. The name is: "La Dolce Vita". It was shot in Second Life, of course. And with this writing I want to present it to you.

La Dolce Vita, means "the sweet life". The couple Onyx (Urmeli) and Crystal (Ravi) want to make a sailing tour with their friends Yana and Charley. They arrange this day only for having fun, laughing, diving, sailing but most for having sex. The bright sun, fresh breeze, hot skin and hunger for sex let them enjoy the sweet life to the full.

To me it is very sweet to see the movie finished at last. We needed full three months to realize it. When my first movie "Crystals Facets" was released I started at once to develop the first ideas and pictures I had in mind. And I knew, it would be harder to shoot it than CF and would need more time. But I hadn't the faintest idea how much harder and longer it will be.

The biggest problem was to keep all four players together at the same day. Some shots we made with only three people. What was easier to make a term. As director you must always be aware that the people you work with are here in their free time. They have jobs and family. And when just one doesn't feel well or become sick, you as director has the duty to cancel the shooting without hesitation. Real life is always first.

The idea to La Dolce Vita was born while I was shooting the boat scenes for Crystals Facets. I talked to someone about all the ships and boats and how beautiful they were. And this person, I don't know who it was, asked me: why not make a full movie about boats and sex? From this moment it was clear to me, this will take time, but I can realize it.

When I'm speaking of "we" then I mean my team. This is:

Yana Grau
Charley Eismann-Juutilainen
Urmeli Ellisson
and me, Ravi

And I had the best team, I could ever imagine! Everyone of them is awesome, is very high motivated, a pleasure to work with, everytime good-humored, well mannered and ... reliable!

Yana Grau:
Yana is known as DJ at the Club Erotique of the Sexiest:Pornstars Group. I knew her allready and her passion for sailing. So she was besides Urmeli my first choice. At the same time Yana become such an important pillar of the project and I am so much grateful to her. She knew adult sims, where we could shoot all boat scenes except this at night. She introduce Charley to me. And her knowledge about sailing, skills in sl, ideas at all makes her invaluable to me.

Charley Eismann-Juutilainen:
Charley was at this time not involved in the porn scene. In fact his part had someone else, but an illness and rare online times drove me to take this person off the team. Research for someone with a sailing boat was without success. Yana point me on Charley and he was perfect. His Avatar looks wonderful, has the same boat like Yana, sailing skills and crazy enough for a project like this. *sigh* I was incredible lucky to have him in our movie.

Urmeli Ellisson:
My partner in SL and RL. She is the one I discuss my ideas and tell her about the story, the details and how to shoot some scenes. Some aspects which I am not sure about, I tell her and together we create it better or new. I can always count on her when I need her. She open me new sights and advices which I don't see.

Everyone I have to thank you so much. If only one of you wouldn't be there, it will not become the same movie. Thank you all.

My thank goes to Devorax and his staff too. On his "Naked" sim we shot the foursome at night. It is a beautiful sim and perfect place for us.

And now. Bhairavi Productions proudly presents.

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita powered by XTube

I hope you enjoy it.


Sonntag, 12. April 2015

There is one thing I have to share ...

... and this is my impression of the fabulous Spirit Demure-Rust. It was funny how it comes to work together. She was focused, determinded and knows exactly how to capture the pictures. A professional, no doubt.

Spirit took her work for her magazine: The Living End. A vintage magazine with an unique design. More than worth a look or two. Knowing her art I was very honored and happy to pose for her. So let me enchant you with ... what does she said: a foretaste.

Thank you, Spirit for this possibility.


Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

Some pleasure in the afternoon.


One picture was done. My head is full of Ideas for the next two pictures. At home I meet my wife and we chat a little bit, share some kisses and nuzzles. And suddenly I thought, the work won't run away. We have time. Why not use it for some cuddles? Well one thing leads to another. Kiss here, lick there, finger here, tongue over there. Hmm I thing it is better I show you. Enjoy. *smiles*

Wish you a nice day/night and wonderful orgasms.

Sonntag, 29. März 2015


Urmeli and me were shooting some photos together. I found a nice Windlight and liked it from the first second. She looks like a nightelve from World of Warcraft.

Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

My very first porn movie!

Hello everybody.

It is finaly done! My first movie "Crystals Facets" is on web and greedy to be watched. Here is the link for.

Crystals Facets powered by XTube

The cast is:

Larry Vinaver
Urmeli Ellisson
Marika Blaisdale

I have to thank all the wonderful people who played in it. The professional Larry. Marika for her spontaneous act. And Urmeli for her Patience with me. Thank you so much!

The concept was quite fast done. First scenes easy shooted. I started shooting the movie on January 7th. and ended at 28th. But it was necessary to shoot some scenes again. I make some faults but could them make better. The biggest Issue was to render the movie and stay under 1GB of data. This made me little sweat. But at last everything was done and I am proud to share the movie with you.
I hope you enjoy it.


Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Margarita Blanco

Hey, this girl is fine. Margarita makes a whole series of pictures with the most people in SL porn. Great idea! And many photos *smiles*. I thought not long what I should wear and contact her. Five minutes later we make the shot. And here it is. Thank you, Margarita to meet you this way.

The original picture:


Isabella Frasao

Let's come to an artist which I encounter shortly after I start with SL porn. Isabella Frasao. I was impressed with how energy this T-girl goes her way. It was interesting to watch how she gets better and better as a photographer. Soon I had the pleasure to work with her. Isabella needed five girls for a single shot and my wife Urmeli and me was two of the choosen.
Thank you Isabella for this shiny shot. Let make it a smile on your face.

The original picture you find here:


Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

Erin Celestalis

Well, well, well.

What can I say about this woman? Oh, it is not like this that I haven't any clue. No, not that. It is more the opposite. This woman is so friendly, so kind, full with humor that can only appreciate her and her company.When you meow here and purrs there, she won't regret this chance to meow and purr with you. So Erin ask Fluffy Ravi to pose for her and hey, no one purrs more then me *giggles*.
And here they are. Thank you Erin for your open mind.

As usual will lead this link to the original:



What are we think when we are talking about angels? A fluffy, naked, naughty and omnipotent Hermaphrodites like me? Well ... close. No, I mean Angel the photographer in SL. When I was posing for the House of the Scorpian Productions he was at the same time there. So after the one shooting we make a second on his sim. And this pictures was the result.

Thank you Angel for this expression *smiles*.

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House of the Scorpian Production


Another studio has made pictures of me. House of the Scorpian Production.They invited me and make an interview. The people were very relaxed and fine to work with. They shooted the following pictures with me. Thank you Maverick and Vivian for your wonderful work.

The originals are here: