Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

Here we go!

Welcome to Ravi's little big Adventures.

My name is Ravi and this is my blog I want to share with you. This blog is based on my account in the game Second Life. Or I should better say, it gain some insights of my Avatar Ravi in Second Life.

This place becomes required to tell all the necessary and/or important tales, adventures, encounters and experiences that happen to me. Also this blog has the function to support my Flickr account. Flickr is my presentation for my erotic and nude work. This blog will contain the other issues of my expressions.

This bring us to the question: what will this blog represent? The answer is easy. Ravi's little big Adventure will include most sexual and porn content. So this will be screenshots from SL that show sexual poses, porn material, porn parties and myself maded SL porn movies.

Informations about my person in RL is not part of this blog. Me is no one else than Ravi herself. She and me are one personality.

I hope you enjoy your journey through my exploration of Second Life. And if you are living there too, we could meet some day.

Wish you love and happiness for you.


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