Montag, 5. Januar 2015

This is me.

Good morning.

Let me tell you one or two things about me, Ravi. I think it is important to introduce myself to give you an insight of what I am.

From a biological view is Ravi a Hermaphrodite, or to use a modern term a Transgender. This is like she see and definite herself. The body of a woman with both genitals. She was born like that and her parents were wise and open enough not to allow any clinic treatment on her. Some day little Ravi should decide on her own how she wants flower out. So she grew up with a natural acceptability  of her own but a steady question what she is and if there are more children like her. In this critical phase of her life her parents, both Tantrikas, guided and learn Tantra to her.

When the puberty beginns she found sexuality as a fully natural world and wants nothing else than explore this universe. But was wondering about other teenager why they are scared about it or why they feel ashamed when they are nude. She slept with man and woman when she feels attractive to them. No matter of race or society. Through her experience of her unique body she become very open minded with a wide horizon. She explore her own body as female and male, inside and beyonde this definitions. She found out that there is far more the society accept. So she start to experiment with everything she knew allready and everything new.

There are no taboo, except children, in her sight. Everyone is welcome, no one she will judge. She try to treat every being with love and dignity. In one insight she discover her violability and unity. And the victory of the soft over the stiff. There is no more a necessity to cover, armor or defense. That's why she is most time naked.

Now she wants to make every sensual, sexual, physical, mental and spiritual experience to wide the spirit within. With every expression she become more uninhibited and lustful, free and harmonic. And enter the SL porn business.


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