Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

La Dolce Vita

Hello everybody.

My second movie is finally done. The name is: "La Dolce Vita". It was shot in Second Life, of course. And with this writing I want to present it to you.

La Dolce Vita, means "the sweet life". The couple Onyx (Urmeli) and Crystal (Ravi) want to make a sailing tour with their friends Yana and Charley. They arrange this day only for having fun, laughing, diving, sailing but most for having sex. The bright sun, fresh breeze, hot skin and hunger for sex let them enjoy the sweet life to the full.

To me it is very sweet to see the movie finished at last. We needed full three months to realize it. When my first movie "Crystals Facets" was released I started at once to develop the first ideas and pictures I had in mind. And I knew, it would be harder to shoot it than CF and would need more time. But I hadn't the faintest idea how much harder and longer it will be.

The biggest problem was to keep all four players together at the same day. Some shots we made with only three people. What was easier to make a term. As director you must always be aware that the people you work with are here in their free time. They have jobs and family. And when just one doesn't feel well or become sick, you as director has the duty to cancel the shooting without hesitation. Real life is always first.

The idea to La Dolce Vita was born while I was shooting the boat scenes for Crystals Facets. I talked to someone about all the ships and boats and how beautiful they were. And this person, I don't know who it was, asked me: why not make a full movie about boats and sex? From this moment it was clear to me, this will take time, but I can realize it.

When I'm speaking of "we" then I mean my team. This is:

Yana Grau
Charley Eismann-Juutilainen
Urmeli Ellisson
and me, Ravi

And I had the best team, I could ever imagine! Everyone of them is awesome, is very high motivated, a pleasure to work with, everytime good-humored, well mannered and ... reliable!

Yana Grau:
Yana is known as DJ at the Club Erotique of the Sexiest:Pornstars Group. I knew her allready and her passion for sailing. So she was besides Urmeli my first choice. At the same time Yana become such an important pillar of the project and I am so much grateful to her. She knew adult sims, where we could shoot all boat scenes except this at night. She introduce Charley to me. And her knowledge about sailing, skills in sl, ideas at all makes her invaluable to me.

Charley Eismann-Juutilainen:
Charley was at this time not involved in the porn scene. In fact his part had someone else, but an illness and rare online times drove me to take this person off the team. Research for someone with a sailing boat was without success. Yana point me on Charley and he was perfect. His Avatar looks wonderful, has the same boat like Yana, sailing skills and crazy enough for a project like this. *sigh* I was incredible lucky to have him in our movie.

Urmeli Ellisson:
My partner in SL and RL. She is the one I discuss my ideas and tell her about the story, the details and how to shoot some scenes. Some aspects which I am not sure about, I tell her and together we create it better or new. I can always count on her when I need her. She open me new sights and advices which I don't see.

Everyone I have to thank you so much. If only one of you wouldn't be there, it will not become the same movie. Thank you all.

My thank goes to Devorax and his staff too. On his "Naked" sim we shot the foursome at night. It is a beautiful sim and perfect place for us.

And now. Bhairavi Productions proudly presents.

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita powered by XTube

I hope you enjoy it.


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