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Onyx Blaze

Hello everyone.

It's been a while since I wrote last time on this blog. But now it is the right time to introduce my current movie:

Onyx Blaze

Shot in Second Life on several sims. Filled with beautiful actress and actors awaits you to watch. I hope you enjoy it.
Hmm this sounds very ceremonial! Don't you think?

What is the story about:

The woman Onyx spent a night with a new lover, Zuby. When she came home she told everything her wife Crystal, a hermaphrodite. They live in an open relationship and enjoy their lifes of freedom. But unforeseen Crystal became very jealous. After a dispute Crystal leaves Onyx. Both woman fall in confusion and adventures of pleasure and pain.

The Characters:

Onyx Blaze is a sequel to Crystals Facets. Even when La Dolce Vita was the second movie. So there are some analogies of CF and Onyx Blaze. Like the jobs of Crystal and Onyx. How they create their life and the importance of freedom to both. From the beginning it was my plan not only to produce a single movie with a single story. The idea behind every film is to tell more what happen. To develop different storylines, put some together, seperate them. In other words, make it deeper. Awake the roles to life.

Already in the first movie I had the idea not to play ourselfs as Urmeli and Ravi but to create fiction characters: Onyx and Crystal. I knew it was a necessity to do this step and to seperate our Avatars from the movie characters. With that it would be possible to create any idea of each character. Much more than Urmeli and me could do it with our Avis.
But I must admit, that Onyx and Crystal are nothing else then our Avatars and somehow like we are in RL as well.

View of sight:

In Akira Kurosawas film "The hidden Fortress" the story was shown through the eyes of two peasants. While a Samurai is trying to rescue a princess and a treasure. George Lucas saw this movie and adapt it to his Star Wars Saga in A new hope. The Samurai was Han and Luke. The princess stay the princess and the peasants are R2-D2 (who carry the data of the deathstar, treasure) and C-3PO, of course.
What impress me most was the fact, that in Star Wars in the first 20 minutes the story was shown through the eyes of the Droids (peasants).

In an early phase of the script I had the idea, it would be best to show the movie from the sight of Onyx and not from Crystal. It should be more a story about Urmeli. That means that Urmelis role must be more active than Ravis. And that when Ravi was shown with other actress like Marika and Erika it will be necessary to put both woman into the foreground and Ravi more to the background.

It was exciting to realize it. I hope that it worked.


Like in both movies before I learn in this one many about filming and using the camera. But the greatest challenge was to edit the scenes as much short as it is possible and to get the best result of telling the story. It was necessary to cut all scenes to the essence what they tell. Otherwise it would be never possible to stay under one gigabyte of filesize. And it was close, very close.
On the other hand I know from now how long I can create a movie without loosing quality. That applies to the credits too.


Someone told me, I could do a music video, because of all the music inside. Well, one step at once. In my movies I use no speach for now. It is not my style. Subtitles are all right, but discreet. Visual effects, sounds and music are not only fillers on the timeline. They are even not tools to work with. They are jigsaw pieces. Editing the video tracks and see them is one thing. But if you put visual effects, sounds, music and more in it, then the pictures awake to life. This is very excited. I communicate with the watcher with all these pieces. It is not for everyone. I know. But it is my style to be in a dialogue with the watcher.

One thing I learn in a process while producing it. I realize that it is better NOT to keep as much as possible secret about the movie while working with people. It is the opposite. It is far better to tell them as much informations about the film, story other characters and their role as I can. Give them what they need, want and much more. Because then the actors can see the entire project. And then they can do a better job. Share trust and both will be enriched.

The Crew:

I had an insane luck with my crew. Again! Everyone gives the very best to make it happen. The support was remarkable from everybody. So I have the challenge to present their hard work as well as I can.

Urmeli Ellisson:
Urmeli and me develop the movie together since the script. She was surprised of my idea to show the picture from her sight. And this was helpful. She gave me ideas about Onyx and how she would like see her in the movie. This had many influences on further actions. And Urmeli was always open to hear my ideas what to include, change or delete.

Erika Thorkveld:
In SL I knew Erika before. Knew her work on Flickr and that she is a hermaphrodite like me. One of the rare I know in SL. The sequence with her was close to the end but the work was so valueable and inspiring with her. I was very impressed how kind and funny she is. Erika was for me like Yana in LDV. Her skills and knowledge made it often very easy to me to shoot our scenes.

Zuby Gloom Oryl:
Yes, Zuby. She is a sweetheart, so gentle, so kind. The sequence with her was shot while we were still working on La Dolce Vita. So Zuby waits about four months to see how it looks like. Also she allow us to work at her home. What was fabulous. My believe is that a selfmade home is always much better than a set that simulate a home.

Graham Collinson:
Graham is a well know photographer in SL. I asked Graham if he wants to be a part of my crew. And if I could use his photo studio. Otherwise I would build myself one. But he is easy going and show me his studio. Well, he knows his craft! The studio was better than I imagine and we had a lot of fun while shooting.

Marika Blaisdale:
Having Marika in my movie again was special to me. In Crystals Facets she helped me without any questions or something. I kept this in mind and wanted to give her a better role. This time it was a good opportunity. Besides she helped me a lot with sharing her experiences as director as well. So I was happy to give something back.

Sandra Palletier:
Collecting names for the BDSM sequence Sandra Palletier was on the first rank. Her work on Flickr I know already. The suits and compositions in her pictures are very interesting. From an interview in the Aroused Magazine No 18 I knew, that Sandra is familiar with BDSM in RL. So she became not only an actress but an adviser in BDSM questions. Because I don't know much about it.

Melany Herrera:
I know Melany since I started in SL porn and made my own Flickr. Her work and the work of some other artists attend me till this day. I was very lucky to pose to her several times. I learn a lot from her photography. So I was very eager to invite her to work with me. It is only a small role that I could give to her. But this will be not the only one.

Yana Grau:
The chat was something like this: "Yana, I would like to have you in a single sex scene. What do you say?". Yana answered: "Ok.". Working with Yana ist so nice, easy and funny. This one sex scene reminds our last movie La Dolce Vita. It was very excited. Yana allow us to film at her dungeon the BDSM sequence. A wonderful place!

Larry Vinaver:
Larry is very easy going. Always good-humored and very helpful. No matter what you need or look for. A tiny non-porn scene? No problem! A pleasure to work with. He fit in many roles and is well known in the porn industry. Why put a role of a concierge in a movie? Because such small roles makes everything more plausible and create the illusion of an existing world.

I am so grateful to have you in my crew and say thank you to all of you! The work of everyone of you make the vision of this movie happen. I love you all.

It is time to present our work.

Onyx Blaze

Onyx Blaze powered by XTube

I hope you enjoy.


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