Sonntag, 9. August 2015

About the potential of movie making in SL

Hello everybody.

There is a need in me to talk about the potential of movie making in our world Second Life. Creating Onyx Blaze I put all my earned ideas and techniques in filming and editing to achieve one thing: tell a cinematic story.

At the same time you are confronted all the time with the limitations of SL. That means there are not such animations you need. Something simple like: opening a door or pick up a cup of coffee. Movie making is a craftsmanship. This need research, experimentation and conversations with other people. A conversation can give you a hint, this leads to research and experiments and again to new conversations.
This reveals new possibilities and solutions for a problem. When I start to plan and even to shoot a movie there are often parts where I don't know a solution for. But most time I have a clue how to do it. This is a challenge.

This kind of working gives me the idea of how much potential SL has. When I start shoot my very first movie I worked with the mouse to move around my Avatar. Today I know more options. If we extrapolate this, how much options could be enable?
Most functions has shortcuts. Shortcuts I can use while a shooting without using a chat or menu. Camera movements with the keyboard and camera tools. Combining smoothing and zooms. Flycam with its degrees of freedom. And the functions of the editor program of course. All these things are tools you can use when you need them and combine together.

When Erika Thorkveld released her movie "The Black Boots" I get a view of the potential. An animated hand that cares over a leg or grab a vibrator. A wax dripping candle with wax dots on skin. Playing with lights and shadows.

Most times we are working with only a small amount of the potential. For many shots it is enough. But for some rare moments and only for few seconds you can discover an visual effect which shows what is possible. These moments are short but they leave an intense impression and the question: How has she made it?!

Usually these effects need very much time and work. But it is worth it to show something new. Something that make your horizon wider.


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  1. Ha, ha! I just knew I would make some people go 'Oh gosh, how did she do that!?'. But I've actually only scratched the surface: the full version of the AnyPose HUD allows you to make your own animations completely, so *that* would open a lot of possibilities! I guess it would require an awful lot of time to do significant things though: doing a single pose is long enough, I can't imagine how it would be to have to do one for each frame of the anim… Maybe things will get easier and easier and everybody will do that in a few years. Or maybe SL will go the full virtual world way and in a few more years, you'll just have to extend your RL hand to do the same on your av. *chuckles*