Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

Winner of the SX Magazine Awards 2016 "Best Movie"

Hello everybody,

in December 2016 was the SX Magazine Awards Gala. Eight categories were assigned. Four about photography and four about movies. And the winner of the Best Movie was ...


The movie that I get the award was "Onyx Blaze". It was my third production. Can't believe that it would be such a success. I have to thank all judges and of course my crew.

But I must admit, it was a surprise to me. The other producers and directors with their work were all outstanding. I was sure that Isabelle Cheviot would win this award with her movie "Empire". A film of 100 minutes. I know only Emily who creates similar huge projects.

What I missed to mention in the movie was, that the story was also written by Urmeli Ellisson. Not only me. We developed the story together.

Well, let's go further and see what projects we can create more *smiles*.

With love

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

Film Production

Hello everybody,

welcome back to my blog. This time I feel the need to share something about the production of filmmaking. Many experiences I made were learning-by-doing. But especially while I produced "Club B'erodism" I research intensive about a "making of a movie".

My concern with this post is to give an insight about the production of a movie for all people that are interested in. Besides it can give a structure for everyone that are involved in directing or wanted to be one.

The process has three stages. Pre-production, Production and Post-production. It is based on the terms I found on Wikipedia. Just adapt it to SL.


Starting a film project is an adventure to me. Every time. It beginns with an idea you have. This idea is to develop to a raw story. Think about elements you want to show, about the story you want to tell. Be always aware, that your ideas has to be to realize inworld. This is the first challenge. You can imagine everything! The question is: can I show it on screen?

When you have your story it's time to write a screenplay. Split the story into scenes, sequences and acts. Imagine a step-by-step procedure.

At this early point I need my crew. I have to know which actress/actor will represent a role. In my imagination I need to have the right face to make it visible in my mind.

In your screenplay there should be all places, locations, sims and/or sets you want to put in the film. Researching sims for fitting places can be frustrating. Can you rezz there? Look for furniture you can use. Check all poses if you can need them for your work. Write it all down.

Now it is time for the storyboards of the poses and poseballs for the sex sequences. Make a logical order of them. You can make paper sketches of every pose. There you can draw how you will start record this shot, how the camera have to move and where the end position shall be. Don't forget the face expressions of your actors. Draw this sketches as simple as possible, but they has to include every needed informations. Think about the possibilities of moving a camera and of Flycam!

Look for the right windlights of this place and sequence. Sit down and take a friend to see how the windlights are affecting your avatars. No need for adjustment.

Now you need to set the outfits for your crew. Do you have ideas already how they shall look? Meet every of your actors and talk with them about your vision. First let them show you, what they have. Most people are happy to help you. Researching marketplace you can do every time.

Time to make a shooting schedule. I call it a matrix. You can write it or make it with Excel. This should show what scene need what actors. And this works with every scene of your screenplay. When you want to start shootings, this matrix will be your first tool. You can choose all scenes with the same characters and shot them. Independently where on the timeline the scenes are. At other days you can take other characters in other scenes and work with them. Having two or more such teams you can make easier terms for a shooting. This makes it much more manageable to all.


Now you are ready so far. All preparations melting to these days of shooting. Here you will see how precise your work till now was.

Check all outfits of your actors.
Let take the actors their positions on the poses or acting points.
Adjust all poses and save them!
Check all face expressions.
Remember to fade out your HUD's with Shift + Alt + H.
Clear your screen with Control + Alt + F1.
Shot size, camera movement, timing of movings, Flycam and Cameratool settings done and ready?
Do it!
Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 ... do as much as you need to get comfortable with the result.
Check every clip you shot at once! Many faults can happen there, because you was to busy with filming to recognize them.

A shooting day can last 2-5 hours. But not longer. Set an End at a shooting day. So everybody will know when it is over. Remember, it's our free time everybody invest.


That is all about editing. Editing is an art of it's own. To the editing program you put all clips, music tracks, sounds and effects you want and need.

Every shot has to show exactly what you want to tell. Cut it to the right length. Nothing more or less. Don't try to increase the length of your movie by using long and boring clips. What the right length is you will get a feeling for with further experience.

Use two or better three tracks for video and audio. I use always three tracks for each and sometimes I could need more.

Find the right transitions for your shots, scenes, sequences, acts. Make cuts, fades, dissolves, wipes or other that fit.

Put music, sounds and visual effects to your timeline. And try to fit them with the frames of the shot. When a gun fires you should hear the sound simultaneously and not a second later.

Search on the web for special sounds you want. There are pages with free sound effects. If needed you can record sounds in SL with your camera. Just delete the video and keep the audio track. Simple but effective.

Start the movie with the name of your production company or the name of the movie. Look at RL movies how they look at the beginning.

And very important. At the end of a movie there are credits! That means all actors, places, music, support. Everything that was involved to the movie. Credits are underestimated but they are your last business card.

But most important of all:

Learn how to treat with people during the project! You must guide your people, listen to them, order them, give advices, give limits, give freedom, care for them, jugde them, critic them, admire them, praise them, listen to their suggestions and think about it, be a friend, be a despot. You have to demand and obey. The rules you make count to the director as well.

I know, this looks pretty much. But it's a logical order there. The next step would be "Distribution". This is something, that I'm still learning.
Hope to gave you a view about directing. It's not mystical, just much work.


Montag, 26. September 2016

Helping Guides in the SL Porn Industry

Hello everyone,

in the last days people asked me for help to our fantastic erotic world. Some wanted an advice for our business how they can make their first steps. Others asked what camera I use or which editing program I'm working with. And one or two asked me details about editing or how to move the camera while a shooting.

These encounters let me think about it. So, I decided to make a summary of guides that could help many others how to start in our business, in modeling, acting and directing.

These guides were the basics how I start in the SL Porn Industry. I found them all while my research about technical stuff or advices from other photographers and directors.

The first idea was just to put all these links to my SL profile on my fluffy Avatar. But I think it is valuable enough to put it on my Blog. So I hope this can help more people with their projects and dreams.

With love

Modeling & Acting:

1. How to be a porn star.

2. Become an Actor and Model.


1. Beginning filming in SL.

2. Movie Making.

3. Uploads

How to Film:

1. Basic Things.

2. Playing with Camera.

3. Playing with Scene.

4. Playing with Avatar.


1. Beginners Guide of Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13

Tools in Firestorm:

These tools are integrated by the Viewer Firestorm. 

1. Cameratools

2. Phototools

My Viewer use the German language. This picture shall show you how the tools look like.

Key Functions:

These key functions work best when you sit down on a poseball or a furniture. Then keep pushing following keys.

1. Left-ALT + Left Mouseclick - hold Left-ALT

The left mouseclick set your Point of Focus. Now use WASD or Arrow keys to move the camera. A + D let your camera rotate left and right around your Point of Focus. W + S let the camera zoom in and out. Open Cameratools and set a value at the smooting bar. This will slow down your moves, make them smooth.

2. Left-ALT + CONTROL - hold both

Works with the same Point of Focus you set before or a new one. You can always choose a new Point of Focus. With all W + A+ +S + D or Arrow keys you can rotate around the focus point left/right and up/down. But no more zoom in or out. To zoom in and out you must loose the Control key.

3. Left-ALT + CONTROL + Left-SHIFT - hold all three

This is not possible to make it smooth or slow it down. But you can very easy adjust your screen how you want and where you want.

By the way:

Control + 8
Control + 9 
Control + 0

PS: If someone know more helping guides, please contact me.

Mittwoch, 14. September 2016

Club B'erodism

Hello everyone,

this Blog is not dead, I'm just lazy. But most of all my real life needs most of my attention. So far to RL, now the current issue: why am I write now?
Maybe you read the title. It's my latest movie of course. And I can't believe myself that it's already done.

Club B'erodism

The Story

Onyx, Eve and Crystal are going out to spend a good time in a BDSM Club called: Club B'erodism. Just like Isabelle, Adam, Zoe, Trisha. Corinne Corbeau is the singer in the club. All people come to the club to explore their pleasure and art of BDSM.
But for some people this evening will get different than other nights. Eve and Adam, both don't know the other one is in the club too this night. But they know each other from the past. And memories are brought back to conscious.

At the same time Isabelle and Onyx live their own desires out in BDSM. What every they can get. While Crystal, Onyx wife, watch for her love to protect her if needed.

The Characters

This movie is just another episode about the life of Onyx and Crystal. It shows how Onyx and Crystal evolve as couple after the conflict in "Onyx Blaze". In this movie Onyx is represented by Racheal Rexen. Onyx wants to have a session with a professional Femdom. So she and Crystal together with Eve, a friend of Onyx, go to have fun. But for Eve this night will be not what she imagine. She will be confronted with a man from her past.

Adam is represented by Talisker Braveheart. He is a dominant man with an own style of being in charge. He makes his first steps in BDSM together with Eve some years ago. So he become what a Dom has to be. He has a term with Trisha.

The character of Eve fills Katina Cazalet. Since the first games in BDSM with Adam she mature as a Sub. It's her style and the need of giving up control when she needs it. Over the time she knows what she wants and can differ between a good Dom and a new one. Eve has a term with Zoe.

Isabelle is played by Erika Thorkveld, who loves high heels. This character is a hermaphrodite like Crystal and she united her female and male parts in a harmonic way. She brings you to do what she wants and what you desire in a gentle and kind way. You will be surprised to see with what a natural and soft way you will do the naughtiest things you never thought before. Just because Isabelle leads you to it.

Corinne Corbeau was played by Monique LeFry. She is the singer in Club B'erodism and an important part of the story. With her songs she creates the background for two sequences and a short part of a story with Crystal.

The Femdom Zoe, represented by Sandra Palletier, is tough, unpredictable and with a freezing cold glance. When she look at you, you know that you are the prey. As a raptor every move of her is powerful. Her presence is most time enough to emit her absolute dominance over you. Zoe was needed to keep Eve busy.

Trisha is performed by Partee Mytili. She is Adams Sub. They make a term this evening to play together. This character was necessary to take Adam out of the lobby. Otherwise Eve and Adam would meet together and the movie would be over before it start.

Crystal has a small role in the movie. She is just a guard to Onyx to save her while the BDSM sessions. The passive role gave me more freedom to focus on the production.

The Idea

After the release of "Onyx Blaze" and "Where the horizon widens" I got much response about them. I was very happy that so many people like my work. So I wanted create a film with a more complex story. Obviously the crowd appreciate a good story. At this time in December 2015 I had several ideas for movies. BDSM get more and more attractive to me and it would be a challenge to make it. Just because I know not very much about BDSM. But to shoot a movie in a BDSM Club with a complex story and some flashbacks seemed a very good concept to me.

The Script

At the end of 2015 I started to write the story. I needed six weeks untill the raw concept was finished. It was necessary to give the script to the crew. So I write it down in a notecard in SL and in a text document on my computer. While I wrote the script I was searching for the right sims and locations with useful furniture. This took a lot of time.

When I found a good location I checked the poses which of them are good enough to put them into the sequence. To choose windlights has a lot to do with patience. My intention was to show BDSM in many different ways. It has to be as various as possible.

Second Life is not static. It is very dynamic. Some time after I start shooting the movie one location was gone. And never came back. This was terrible. It brought a break for some weeks until I found an alternative. Funny thing was, when I found this other location another sim go offline. Oh No! But I was lucky and found at the same evening a substitue.

The script was many times reworked. Right now it is the sixth version of the original one. To develop all the poses, angles, camera moves, expressions, windlights, camera attitude, dialogues and story I needed 58 sheets of paper.

The Crew

This film would be the most complex I made till now. So I wanted the best people I can get. And I know some. Such a huge project require really very much of the crew and myself. All of them gives extraordinary effort and work in the shootings. Without these people it would be never possible to make it.

Here are their names:

Erika Thorkveld
Racheal Rexen
Katina Cazalet
Talisker Braveheart
Monique LeFry
Sandra Palletier
Partee Mytili

Thank you so much!

You guys make my work so easy! You are so awesome! They adjust poses, gives hints and ideas, use Anypose and support with technical knowledge. If you are looking for reliable actress and actors? Remember their names!

The Shootings

A plan for such a project was absolutely necessary. So I made a matrix of the script in what part of the movie which people are involved. This showed me very simple in what scene I need which people. With this tool I could make terms for shootings with different teams. That means, a time flow would be not possible. And it would be not efficiently! This matrix was the basis to the whole movie. I marked which scenes were shot and which not. So I could decide every time new what scenes I will shoot next.

One of the points of the concept was to keep the teams small. So I had many times only Talisker and Katina for a shooting or Erika and Racheal. And some scenes with Sandra and Partee. There were other scenes with many people involved. But I managed it this way, to split the sequences in smaller parts. So I could shoot a long sequence with two teams on different days.

Visual Style

I love to edit my movies. It is a very creative process. This time I didn't put any special effects in it. To be honest, I hadn't the power for it. Anyway, I see not much possibilities for some special effects. Besides almost all scenes were shot indoor. Windlights do the work.

Visual filters are something completely different. I use similar visual filters in all four flashbacks. They shall separate the past from the present. They look more bright, with less color with a touch of sepia. We know this all from cinema. The pony play sequence was too bright and I had to darken it. All other sequences were shot with specific windlights I choose before the shootings.

In the RL movie "Appaloosa" from the actor and director "Ed Harris" there is a commentary from him. He taught me one thing.  "Appaloosa" is shown more through the eyes of the character "Everett". For my movie it is too late, but now I have an idea how to do it better to tell a story from someones eyes.

Sound Environment & Music

A very important issue to me. In "Where the horizon widens" I was experimenting with sounds to accompany with the pictures. It was such a fun to make it and a great result. So it was clear that I will do the same in this movie. Regulary I use sound effects to fill the gap between two songs. I made more than this. I tried to create in certain places a special sound environment. So it depends where you see the actors. In the lobby, the singer room or the basement. They have a different sound environment. On the timeline I use three audio tracks (and three video tracks) to bring the picture to life. I hope it worked.

A BDSM movie must get a special accompany with music! And I knew from the beginning what music it will be. Jazz, Blues and Bossa Nova! I wanted to create a place of a classy club with cultured people. BDSM is not to everyone. Even I know this. I had the imagination that you go there, have a drink, make a nice conversation, dance a Tango and retire with your sub or dom. A fine society.
Sure, there can be Gothic music or meditation sounds, but I wanted this. To find the right songs was a challenge too. I spend many hours on youtube to find what I wanted.


At the end of the movie you can do many faults. In my opinion credits in SL are underestimated. It is an essential part of the movie. Like the beginning, where all the names are listed, the end gives clear informations about your work. It is like your business card. As director you can put all informations about music, sims, actors, supporters, used software, outfits, acknowledgements, videos ect. This is what gives a movie the finishing touch. 

Two simple examples.

Did you saw the credits in the movie "Lethal Weapon 4"? If not, take a look. If yes, remember all the pictures in the credits and the song: "Why can't we be friends". Then you will know, what I mean.

I assume you all know the "Minions" from "Despicable me 1+2". I'm sure, you watched the credits just because of the Minions. I love them.

Let me invite you to "Club B'erodism"
I hope you enjoy.


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