Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

Winner of the SX Magazine Awards 2016 "Best Movie"

Hello everybody,

in December 2016 was the SX Magazine Awards Gala. Eight categories were assigned. Four about photography and four about movies. And the winner of the Best Movie was ...


The movie that I get the award was "Onyx Blaze". It was my third production. Can't believe that it would be such a success. I have to thank all judges and of course my crew.

But I must admit, it was a surprise to me. The other producers and directors with their work were all outstanding. I was sure that Isabelle Cheviot would win this award with her movie "Empire". A film of 100 minutes. I know only Emily who creates similar huge projects.

What I missed to mention in the movie was, that the story was also written by Urmeli Ellisson. Not only me. We developed the story together.

Well, let's go further and see what projects we can create more *smiles*.

With love

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