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Tantric Touch (Some Days in July - Part I)

Hello everybody,

it's been a while since I release my last film project. Is it really almost two years ago? It seems so. But don't let us talk about the past. Let's talk about what is now!

May I introduce you my sixth movie:

Tantric Touch (Some Days in July - Part I)

As you can read the name, it is the first part of ... oh well ... let's just say it is the first part of more for now.


Actually the story starts after the credits in my movie Club B'erodism. There are Onyx and Crystal talking about the past, saying exaclty about the year 2006.

Tantric Touch is a total review what Crystal happened between 2006 and 2008. She went to an Ashram to learn Tantra from a master. The movie shows her experiences with meditation, Yoga and sexuality of course. This education was the cornerstone of all her actions in the future that leads to the relationship with Onyx.

At the end of the credits is a hint what could be the issue of Part II.

The Idea behind

To make a movie about Tantra was my hearts desire. Not many people know that I am involved in that Theme in RL. It got even so much important, that it was clear to me "I have to do something with that."

At the same time, when I worked on Club B'erodism, there I had first ideas of showing how Crystal and Onyx evolve their lives. How they became what they are. How they explore their sexuality. And so it was exciting to weave their origin stories together.

Actors & Characters

Now we come to the core of this project. The Actress and Actors and their characters. Although many things are important in the production of a movie, in that one nothing had more priority than the crew. The complexity of the project made it necessary to choose people that can and want give an outstanding effort. Everything was depending on the crew. When the crew works, the movie will work. So I chose them carefully.

Rafael and Soraya, represented by Larry Vinaver and Katina Cazalet, are the masters of the Ashram where the students arrive and learn. They teach and guide their people in the path of Tantra. And of course it is an explanation for the crowd what Tantra is.
The students are Mark, played by Mirko Panacek, and Khyra, showed by Rachel Avro. Then there is Jade, represented by Zuby Gloom-Redrose, and Kane, embodied by Enki. My part is Crystal, of course. The characters represent different types of philosophy of life, behavior, thoughts and life concepts.

Mark and Khyra are the family types. They are grounded and social with a clear imagination of their lifes. They are like Crystals parents, the next generation of parents that teach their children the way of Tantra. They are more interested in family and social activities and less in career. This couple is like many of us in the world. Having a job, live in a relationship, raise kids.

Jade is different. Her intentions are
 to use her skills for her job and career. That makes her straight for her future plans. But don't assume she is just egoistic. With the education she refine her communication  and emotional abilities. She takes part of the social life but always keep her goals in mind. What the movie is not showing, is that Jade will change her priorities in 10 or 20 years. She will change her focus after she build up a good existance.

Kane is more the doubter of the group. He is not convinced of all the teachings. He is even not aware of his own intentions and motivation, why he came to the Ashram. In fact his self-confident is less developed. He is not sure if he can trust the masters. Maybe he came from an enviroment where you have to be strong. Showing a weakness is hard to him. 
I don't wanted to show Kane as the evil guy. He is unsure and unconfident in his own meaning and power. This makes him to a victim for Ivy. Would he agreed to trust the masters, he would find insights, power and self-esteem. His potential is hidden, but he can be of great help for others from where Kane came from.

Ivy, played by Ayara "Pinky" Illios, is the antagonist. She is the real evil part of the movie. Strong minded, knowing well her own power with a selfish behavior it is easy for her to manipulate Kane. Her reasons are not clear. But she seems to know Rafael and try to disturb him if she get the option for it.
The character of Ivy shall show the dark side of the potential when you rise your awareness. You can decide how you want to use your skills. You can heal yourself and help others. Or you decide to use it for your selfish intentions without healing yourself.

Nikita, performed by Curty Dovgal, is a character I wanted to put in as the first encounter with another t-girl. This first step into a bigger world and deeper understanding was essential for Crystal. Nikita should be the mirror she needs to get more and more comfortable with her body and what she is. By the way, we don't know, why Nikita is visitng the bath house.
Later on the timeline she appears again. This is an indication, that Nikita and Crystal became friends. They learn from each other. And it is a basis for further actions.

HaileyMarie Redrose had a double role in this project. For some reasons she was an ideal actress for the roles of Shura and Clara Perla.
Shura is the woman in the Lakeside Café. I realized that I need Shura to explain Jade's actions in the following scenes. Jade was looking for Crystal after the struggle with Kane. So Jade enter the Café asking Shura for Crystal. This is just a short sequence, but it was important to communicate with the crowd.
Clara Perla is the owner of the Tiramisu Café, where Crystal meet Nikita for a coffee. I think it is obvious that Clara, Nikita and Graham live in the same town where Crystal settle down. Characters like Shura and Clara make the movie more alive.

Onyx, played by Urmeli Ellisson again, was a cameo. This scene shall show three things. First is, the crowd shall be remembered about her presence. Second is, both woman met in July 2008 without any knowing of each other. Is it an accident or destiny? Third is, the scene is an indication of a journey of Onyx. Another indication is after the credits.

Graham Collinson is acts as himself. Why did I do that? In "Onyx Blaze" he was the photographer. I liked that. In Club B'erodism he was mentioned by the conversation of Onyx and Crystal after the credits. The woman talked like they would know Graham for a long time. So it was a good chance to put him on the timeline. Graham became a student of Crystal. This was where there friendship start. Later they became working colleagues.

These are the people that made this movie happen. I can't put in words what awesome job they really have done. And how I feel grateful for everything. You are my heroes. Thank you so much!


This time we had a vast variation of outfits. Not so much the man, but the woman. Every act plays in a time period, so we needed three different outfits with three different hairs for 2006, 2007 and 2008. Then we had naked shots. Clothes are not required, but hair and accessory has to fit to every time period.
We had Yoga outfits. Thankfully it was just one kind but we had to link it with hairs and accessory for every period. The same with the winter outfits, we needed only one. And an outfit for the unity ritual. Not everything works perfectly, but almost of it.


This project brought me more of disappointment and frustration than any other film. For several times. Even Club B'erodism wasn't so hard to realize. Let me tell you something of a directors life.

The best set for this movie would be a full sim. That was clear to me. What I wanted to show could only a full, well created sim do. So I started to look after a sim that:
1. have enough nice places for normal and sex shootings
2. have enough houses to create the illusion of a village where they live
3. getting the permission to work there including rezz rights
4. a sim that appears to stay a long time online

Point 1 and 2 was not really hard to find. Point 3 and 4, that was the most problem. I found a sim, checked all up and this sim goes offline. All work was lost. Then I found another sim. Again I checked all up, talked to the owner and everything seems well. But few weeks later the owner rejected my request to shoot there. All was lost again.
The third sim was Lakeside. At this time Lakeside was a moderate sim, not an adult. But it looked so lovely, it was perfect for the project. I had to try and contact Kimmy, the owner of Lakeside. But of course she couldn't allow any sexual issue on a moderate sim because of the Linden TOS. That time I asked before put some work in it. But at that point I was frustrated by all the stones on my way.

One or two weeks later, Kimmy contact me again. She told me, that they change the sim from moderate to adult. And if I am still interested in shooting at their sim, I can feel free to work there.
WOW! Good news! From that point, I think it was at the end of 2016, it was possible to write the story using all possible locations on Lakeside.

The first shootings where in September 2016. They were only few, just the scenes with Urmeli at our house boat and at the airport.
After that I did all scenes what happened after Crystal end her education. This was with Curty, Hailey and Graham, including the sex sequence of Curty and me.
The main work was between August and November in 2017. And from March to May 2018. There we shoot all the story about the Ashram and the students.

For some sequences Lakeside hadn't the locations I needed. But I had luck finding Whimberly and Sonderbar. Whimberly was running by Staubi. Harald Mannonen is the owner of Sonderbar. With all owners I had a nice and good contact. They gave me all support I wanted.

In that project it was not effective to work with a matrix as in Club B'erodism. I had to manage it different. You must understand. Most time we were seven people at the same time on set for many shooting days.
Can you imagine how difficult it was to put all seven people at once on a day for a shooting? And this over and over again? (smiles) Now you have a little insight of the actors and directors job.

Now some data of the production:
1. we had 23 shooting days. One shooting day was between 1 - 3 hours
2. the movie cost me 4650 Linden
3. it needed 93 sheets of paper
4. created 336 storyboards
5. reams of working hours
6. needed one and a half years to complete it


Having a sim to work with, I collect ideas that can show how such Tantra education can look like. That means animations, furnitures, outfits and more animations. Everything that would help me to express the progress of the students. So I found animations for Meditations, Yoga, Massages, Thai Chi and sex animations of course.

With that width of possibilities I was concerned to put every expression in a logical order. The education shall build step by step the knowledge and skills of the students. Besides the subtitles have to explain the crowd what is going on. So I had to start smoothly and go further to the end.

The movie has four acts. First is the introduction of the students and the  basic lessons. At the same time the seed for the drama is set.
In the second act the people are more familiar with the education, they learn to massage and make the self-love ritual. The evil plot is build up. Tension grows ... I hope.
Act three leads to the final, the unity ritual and the struggle with Kane. Jade helps Crystal to overcome this situation.
In the last act Crystal is on her own, mastering her situation alone and build her own Ashram.

It was tons of preparing. I tried to show as many interesting locations as possible. Have a variety of windlights and moods fitting to a place. Keeping always in mind to show something new. Don't get the crowd get bored about the background.
The screenplay was nothing than a steady process of improvement. For every act I wrote a notecard and give them all to every actor. In every notecard were the informations of the sim, coordinates of the place, time, static poses, outfits, windlights with time coordinates, sun positions, all dialogues, And sometimes advices for me for the editing process.
The storyboards I did just for me.

Visual style & Editing

Much of the work was to find a right place, set the right windlight and set the camera. As mentioned before I tried to make as much variations as possible to make it a visual pleasure to watch.

You can have the best ideas and tools to shoot a scene. The single video clips can be awesome. You can have an imagination how it will look in the editing process on your timeline. What you don't have, is the result of it all. How it will really look like.
I was worried about the lenght of the non-sexual and sexual phases. But this was not the real issue. I realize that two or three sequences are not fit well on the timeline. So I changed it and suddenly it makes more sense. I would never see this only in a screenplay. These are great moments for a director. Checking the movie all the time what can be better told, what would happen when I change the order of a scene, is essential. Scrutinize your work is a good tool not to get blind for logical faults and for improvements.

While editing I put a mass of visual effects in it. The most of them you will not see ... I think. They shall increase or decrease something. Move your Attention and mood in a special direction. Make some bright, reduce some contrast, add more colour, make it glow, make it look dangerous. some effects are obvious. Sun rays, lense effects, moods of characters.

So especially Kane and Ivy has their own mood expressed in a colour. Ivy has a sharp green style. Like poison. When Kane spend more time with Ivy, his mood change to a sharp vision too, till the moment where Ivy turns him against the master. This is shown with a blue, cold background.
After Ivy left Kane behind, Kane is drained. Shown close to blackwhite.

While sequences like massages and sex were linked with fades, scenes with dialogues and subtitles have cuts. This appears to me as the best option to put different types of dynamics together.

Sound Environment & Music

Well, if you read my other blogs about my movies, you know maybe that I love to create special sound environments for locations, moods, characters etc. It is the same in Tantric Touch.
What is different now, I put sounds to intensify the scene and music track. In few moments there are only sounds that work as music. Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone made it a lot. Sometimes a music track is more a sound than music. Many scenes play outdoor close to the sea. I keep all the audio tracks of the shooting places. So you hear most time water, a dog, a horse, birds, toads, wind and much more in the background.

The music ... oh yes, that was a struggle. Normaly when I start a project I know exactly what kind of music it shall have or which specific songs I want. Not this time!
Really, I had no idea what songs I want to take. There were three possible songs that maybe I wanted to put in ... only one make it in the movie. The idea for the music style comes with the editing work. It was clear that for a Tantra movie I have to put indian music. So far, so good. But what songs?! There are not much that I know. Ok, step by step.
It took days, maybe one week of researching Youtube to find the right songs and soundtracks. Some needed just minutes to find them and to know where it fit. Some needed days! Anyway.

It was very important to find a fitting music track and sounds for every sequence. But I knew, it has not be pure indian music. This would be too much for the western crowd. So I chose music with drums, guitars etc. Instruments we are familiar with.
What was absolutely necessary for the music, it has to have real instruments. No synthetical music. Real played music of real instruments make the music more like a living being. Artificial sounds would not connect the crowd with the experiences of the students. There is only one exception. This, in my opinion, works well in this special scene.


Credits are something, that I love to do. It came to this state of the project. You know, you are almost done. It is fascinating to put everybody and everything in a box and present the summary of it.
Because at the beginning I hadn't mention any actor, it was much more important to show everyone with a picture. So the crowd has a name to every face. I played a little with the transitions between and like it. Taking a nice background picture instead of a video clip shall be not so distracted from the informations.


The few scenes of Onyx and Crystal at the total end of the movie is the continuance of the Epilogue in Club B'erodism. Crystal watched pictures in a photo album and told the story about her education to Onyx. That is Tantric Touch. Here tell Onyx a story about her Journey in 2007. This will be "Some Days in July - Part II"


Ok, this is something I write for the first time in a blog like this. Mistakes!
Well, no matter how good you are prepared, how good your equip is, how fine your skills are, how best your intentions are, how good your attention and awareness is. Something will always happen. Something gets always wrong. And you didn't see it untill it's too late.
But do you know what?
Shit happens!
Don't blame yourself for that. There is no movie in the world without any mistake. Not in the real world, not in Second Life. And this is good!
The good news are, the more movies you make, the more you check your own mistakes, the less it will angry you. It is not possible to keep everything in mind.
So, relax.

Here is my list of mistakes in Tantric Touch:
1. Crystal and Rafael are sitting on floating pillows at 4:38
2. Crystal has no visible cock (as herm) while she embrace Rafael at 5:36
3. Floating Rafael on a towel at 12:23
4. Floating Kane above a towel at 27:15
5. No light on Jade at 32:37
6. Rafaels cock is stuck in the ground at 39:20
7. Missing Jade's outfit for the unity ritual. Jade wear the outfit from act 2.
8. Flying Avatar above Crystals head at 53:40

That's it. Have fun chasing all mistakes.

Let me invite you to "Tantric Touch (Same Days in July - Part I)"
I hope you enjoy it.


Tantric Touch - Some Days in July - Part I powered by XTube

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