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welcome to my blog "Ravi's little big Adventures". My name is Ravi Redfield and I am a resident of the online world Second Life. This forum is dedicated to my activities in the erotic and porn industry of SL. To contact me look for "ravaresident".

On these sites I show my expressions and work as a director in this business. This will be movies, pictures, impressions, guides or just ideas about filmmaking.

Inworld my Avatar is a Hermaphrodite and Neko. What is the best mix to me. But I don't make roleplay. It doesn't matter to me. There are other passions I love. An obviously one is, that I am most time naked. Nudism is lifestyle to me.

Sex is omnipresent in our world of tiers. And this is a good thing. It shows, how strong sex is. How much part of ourselfs. As I evolve in RL and SL, my sexuality grows too. I'm curious, what I will explore in the future. Very curious.

In the real world, whatever that is, I am a man, 45 years young living in Germany. Normally I am and behave in both worlds the same. There is no reason for me to cut myself into pieces. But I need to know someone better till I start talk about my RL.

Making movies is something that reveals overnight since I joined the porn community. This art is a form to express myself. I was searching more than twenty years to make art that fit to me. I see it as a grace.

Some of my interests in the real world are: Tantra, Meditation, Yoga, Art, Movies, Dancing, Water, enjoying life.

Feel free to look around and enjoy my vision.


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